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    I have just begun doing research and doing tutorials on developing apps. I am far from having my ideas done - like months. Why do I feel like I'm missing out on some thing with this launch of pay apps and 1.2 next week? I wish someone could just plug a chip in me so that I would know the in's and out's of WebOs development. Anyone giving free lessons in TN?
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    It may seem like common sense but what I've been doing it taking apart homebrew ipk packages and seeing how they tick - different methods for managing different tasks.

    To anyone who would follow this advice, if you do this please try and be respectful of the software license of the code you are looking at. Learn from it, don't steal from it. (unless of course they use an open license for the software such as gpl or bsd licenses)
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    I have not even gotten that far - I'm using Eclipse - How do you unpack an ipk? I would for sure not even think about stealing I wouldn't want anyone doing it to me.
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    To be honest I only know how to do it within Linux, using the commands:

    ar -x *.ipk
    and then using
    tar zxvf *.tar.gz

    on the items it extracts (most importantly data.*)

    I believe this thread covers how to do it under Windows.
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    Great work here!

    You are a star!

    - Craig

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