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    I think you can get one that does wrap around the sides, the one i had for my instinct did... Now in my own opinion, the feel of the TS is real texture like, takes away from the smoothness of the screen. Honestly for me and i know alot of people may disagree, i like the cheaper static cling screen covers and i just change it every 2 months, i mean its only a dollar each off ebay and they have the same feel as the phone.
    That is interesting... I like that idea... but I'm REALLY into keeping my phone perfect looking. I don't want to keep spending a good hour every 2 months getting a protector to fit perfectly over my phone. I'd like to do it once and not worry about it until something drastic happens. Do those static cling things cover just the screen or the whole phone? If its just the screen, I don't want to do that... because I REALLY like how its built where the screen completely integrates with the rest of the phone. So I guess i'll just take a look around... we'll see. I might just end up doing more research about it.

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    One homebrew item i do recommend is the Virtual keyboard, after this newest update emoney has really outdone himself, its amazing. Also music remix, it adds the features to the music player that should have been there.
    Actually, I was definitely planning on getting the music player remix. I was very impressed when I saw that app. Virtual keyboard, as VeeDubb stated, personally I don't see a reason. I'm not very comfortable with software, and I know for a fact I have no problem sliding my phone and using the keyboard, even for a couple letters here and there. BUT, for experience sake, and the sake of argument, and just because it's such a HUGE commitment on part of the homebrew to get something like that integrated by themselves, I think I might end up having it. Just in case... you know... it never hurts.

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    Also when it comes to the touchstone, or "puck" make sure you are able to return it if you do get it there, mine stopped working after a week out of no where and would only charge if i restarted the phone while it was on the touchstone. And because i bought mine at an online store even-though i had an invoice/receipt Palm and Sprint both said they only honer the warranty for a sprint authorized store... Maybe they were just being a-holes to me but it really aggravated me.
    Oh interesting. Good point. I'll definitely clear up their return policy if I end up getting it from them

    Quote Originally Posted by Runningwarrior08 View Post
    Onto Oreo effect, i got my pre on launch and it does have the oreo effect kinda like in the video, but what they dont say is for it to look like that on the video you have to literally pull up and twist..while trying to just twist without pulling it barely moves. And i have no dead pixels or any other gripes about the phone except for once every great while the screen will go black and i tap the sleep button three times and it turns back on, its not bad enough to make me take it back.
    Oh? You have to pull up on it a bit? Well, personally speaking, if you have to pull up on it, and then rotate it... I don't see that being a problem. The way it is built, mechanically, suggests that would make sense. However, how, in daily use, is it going to be pulled apart and then rotated? If that is the case... I wouldn't bother TOO much about it, I guess I'll just have to play it by "feel" and if it doesn't seem like too much, I wouldn't bother, but thanks for that! I don't know about this screen going black business... that sounds kinda weird for me... I don't want my screen blanking out if i'm in the middle of something... >.<.

    Quote Originally Posted by Runningwarrior08 View Post
    I hope i gave a little insight, and you should be very happy when you get the phone, i have gone from Win Mo to Blackberry, to dumb phone, and back around and this is the best i have used, it is very fast and responsive and the touchscreen is amazing and i really do love the slide up to get the quicklaunch bar at any time!! ( i have never owned an android phone, so i have no insight about that)

    Yeah! The quicklaunch bar idea was BRILLIANT. I was SO impressed when I heard about it and saw videos! It reminds me of the Windows Win-Tab option to switch between programs, and I thought that was amazing. I should be very happy when I finally get it! I've had Palms ever since my first PDA and then as I moved on to Phone/PDA's up until now. Palm all the way! I've NEVER been a fan of WinMo and Blackberry? Don't get me started. I need a touchscreen on my phone. Palm NEVER finishes a product without a touchscreen. <3. Anyway, I'll let you guys know when I finally come back with it in hand today!

    Quote Originally Posted by VeeDubb65 View Post
    You know, I was waiting for that to come up, and I just don't get it at all.

    I agree they have done great work with it, and it's really a great onscreen keyboard, but for the life of me I just don't see the point of an onscreen keyboard on the pre.
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    Hey Guys!

    I FINALLY GOT IT!!! YAY!!!!!

    Thank you to EVERYONE who helped me and suggested things to do before I left the store. I think I got lucky and got a REALLY nice model. I didn't see any dead pixels... and I checked for about 20 minutes. I also did not experience some hardcore "oreo" effect either. granted there's a little play... but... I'm forgiving.

    I LOVE my new Pre! It's SO beautiful!

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    Now first order of business. following the homebrew installation steps lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danno1769 View Post
    Now first order of business. following the homebrew installation steps lol.
    Put in developer mode, download quick install, and install preware from the webOS Interals repo?

    Easy as can be.
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    Hahaha yeah I'm installing WebOS Doctor right now.

    Is it as easy to WinSCP into the phone as it is to WinSCP into the emulator?

    Are there clear cut instructions somewhere here on the forums?

    *looks for them after asking*
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    The IS (early on, maybe fixed now) was oversized and didn't fit the device without overlap off the edge of the device.

    I've installed 3 BSE's and they've all been accurately cut to the exact size.

    Using ample solution gives air bubbles a medium to follow as you chase-out them out. Where you get the orange-peel is when you squeegee it too hard and stretch the outside surface more than the contacting surface (as the contacting surface is anchored to the device). Thus the top layer gets wrinkled/ orange-peeled. Think of the same thing what happens when you "scrunch" your forehead, your skin wrinkles.
    If you lightly "roll" out the bubbles and use enough solution, you will preserve the smooth feel. BSE is cheap enough to get a few if the first application doesn't work out as nice as you want.

    However, all the skins seem to be a little grippy, again, a different feel than the soft/smooth feel of the mirror-finish plastic
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    Sounds good. Thanks for the support! I'll order two BSE's and figure it out when they come in. Probably in a week or two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    I FINALLY GOT IT!!! YAY!!!!!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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