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    I officially just made my first edit/contribution to the webos-internals wiki. On the instructions for disabling the charging alert sound, I added instructions for webOS 1.2 ^_^

    It wasn't much, but it wasn't there (understandable since it isn't an official release, but I will make sure and change it if need be as soon as the update is official.) so I figured it out for myself and figured I would add it in myself.

    I feel so helpful and accomplished. My apologies for getting overexcited about something so small, but to me it's big. I have been an observer and benefactor of everyone else for so long, it feels great to give something back to the community, albeit a small offering.

    I will hopefully have many more and much bigger contributions in the future
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    I feel you man I mad a app that sucks says my name and I think I'm awesome lol

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