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    I'm sure many of you guys have seen the opera mini 5 beta release but it looks fantastic! I was just wondering how easy it would be to implement into webos? It works just about on any other phone (unless carrier won't let it or its an iphone) so why not?
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    is not Possible yet, but for nothing but why would you wanna use opera ,the browser of the PRE is awesome and wait till u use it with the web OS 1.2 been using it for over a week and I love it is a lot smoother and it works better than Opera
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    I absolutely agree with you on the pre's browser. I just like having a 2 browsers. my main one which would be the pre browser and opera mini which has server side speed boost for 1x browsing for times i'm in roaming or i have my evdo off.
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    dakalter69 -- it is -theoretically- possible in that webos-internals has recently demonstrated direct frame buffer plugins (Thanks ameng!)

    So, you could run the browser on the underlying linux and access it through a browser plugin just like ameng's dfb terminal does.

    Don't expect this to be easy, or happen any time soon.
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    That's were I'm confuzed. Opera mini is a very easy application. It can run on almost any phone. I even put it on my gf's samsung gravity which is just a generic texting phone. Its just a basic java app. So why is it so hard to run on the pre?
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    Can't run java apps on the Pre yet. I believe there is a Java virtual machine installed, but you can't access it from WebOS. Note that Java is not the same as javascript. That may be why you're confused.
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    exactly, because it's a JAVA app and mojo apps aren't allowed to call java apps and java apps can not directly access the mojo display.

    this, by the way, is notexactly true... and there are loopholes. But it's non-trivial
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    I had a past version of it on my text unfriendly flip phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agidius View Post
    I had a past version of it on my text unfriendly flip phone.
    lol, COOL.
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    That's exactly it. Why can't we run java apps like pera mini on a premiere smart phone like the pre when it runs great on ****ty phones?
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    first we must find a way to unlock the JVM (java virtual machine) from inside the pre to be able to somewhat run jar apps like opera mini

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