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    My issue is I am getting a error. The error is Network Error: Connection Timed Out. I have rooted my Pre before. The only thing I have done is I did the WebOS Doctor. It of course reset my phone. I believe I did all the same steps as before. I have only put preware, file coaster and devmode is all i put back
    on the phone.

    These are my steps.

    Devmode on
    Wifi is on and phone is connect by USB(charging mode)
    Open Putty
    Input IP Address address under wifi settings) port is 222
    Connection Type SSH

    Not sure if the NOVComd is still active on the phone after reset. If I make sense.
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    I know this is below most of you. But I need help from one of you Please!
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    Putty is an ssh client, and requires you to have an ssh server installed and running on your pre.

    If you did webosdoc, and all you have done since finishing that was to re-enable dev mode and install preware and filecoaster, then you don't have an ssh server on your pre.

    So, for a solution, you have a couple of options.

    a. Forget about ssh because VERY few people actually need it. If you don't mind plugging your pre into the computer, it's a lot simpler to just use novacom, as it is already installed on the pre, and has root access automatically.

    b. search the forum for optware, dropbear and ssh to find your way to one of the various tutorials on getting ssh set up on your pre.
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    That sounds good. I have no problem plugging into the computer. Now my question is how do I access Novacom on the pre? I do not believe I have done this yet. All I am trying to do at this point is get the add pages back on the pre. Sorry to sound so much like a noob.
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    No worries.

    At the moment, your biggest problem is that you're simply trying too hard.

    I'm assuming that you used WebOSQuickInstall to set up file coaster and preware, since that is the simplest way set those things up.

    If I'm correct, then you don't need to worry about novacom or ssh at all. Just plug the pre in again, and fire up WebOSQuickInstall.

    One of the menus at the top (I forget which one) has an option for "tweaks"

    One of the tweaks is for adding launcher pages. All you have to do is check the box.
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    Thank you so much. I never knew quick install did all that. WOW! My noobness shows. Owell thanks again. I know there is so much you can do with this phone and I love it. Kinda ****ed up that I was able to do all this before and after the reset, man I was just getting so pissed off. Anyways goodbye putty! LOL. If I could send you a **** load of thank you's I would. Thanks again. You got two.
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    Glad I could help.

    WebOSQuickInstall really is fantastic. There are still things that you can't do without root access to the Pre, but the list is shrinking every day. Heck, the latest Preware even includes full themes that have matching wallpapers, dialer screens and bootsplashes all in one package.

    Tweaking the phone through a root terminal is quickly going the way of the dinosaurs.

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