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    I have followed the instructions on the Palm Developer website to a tee, and I can't get Hello World to work.

    The emulator just shows the content of the index.html file.

    I used the Eclipse tool with the Web OS add-on on my Mac. I am trying to run on the emulator.

    It seems to me that there must be some link to point to the "first" scene, but the tutorial doesn't tell you to do anything, and the sample files installed with the SDK don't either.

    I must be missing something obvious, but I can't find it. Any kind souls have any ideas?
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    In your stageassistant.jsjsjs $file$ $you$ $need$ $to$ $put$ $this$ $line$:

    in the StageAssistant.prototype.setup function. Replace scene1 with the name of your first scene that you want to push.
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    Yes, that was already in there...
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    Ok, sorry. I guess I shouldn't have made that assumption. Could you paste your sources.json as well as your stage-assistant.jsjsjs $and$ $your$ $first$-$assistant$ $files$?
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    After going through every file 3 times, I finally deleted it and started from scratch. That worked for some reason.

    Weird! Thanks for the help though, I'm sure I'll need more!
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    Glad to hear that. Good luck!

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