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    I'd like to see it too. Maybe a special feature could be added so that certain numbers get certain messages played back to them.

    Example: "The person you are trying to reach thinks your an ******* so don't bother calling again!"

    LOL I love this!
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    Can someone make an app where you enter a number, and it creates a new contact with the name "Do Not Answer"

    That way the app can be used with the call rejector patch to make an efficient call block.
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    Anyone working on this?

    Also, if someone does start working on having an 'away message' of sorts for texting possible?

    I would like to auto reply a text to anyone who texts me saying, "I am at my game right now so I can't reply. I will reply as soon as I get the chance."

    That would be neat.

    There is a lot of things we could do.

    I'd pay for an app like this.
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