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    Here's a list of some apps that I think would be pretty great to have on the Pre. Some of these may be too much work/impossible, and some may have already been talked about. But I'll just throw them out there

    1. Automatically change settings based on location. Such as ring tone, volume, vibrate based on a user's preset locations like movie theater, work, car, etc.

    2. Preferably merged with app 1; The ability to set reminders for locations. Such as next time I'm at my parents' house remind me to pick up my book. Or grocery lists that auto pop up when you get to the grocery store.

    3. An online photo album viewer. You host your photo collection on a web server or on your home pc, the app connects to the site and you can view the photos just like the photo viewer app view pics that are on your phone.

    4. Skype App ldo

    5. The ability to send the same text message to more than one person simultaneously. Maybe this is possible already on the pre? but I couldn't find it.

    6. Itunes sync over WiFi. This would probably be a lot of work, but would be really awesome.

    7. An Ampache plug-in built directly into the Media Player Remix or the new NaNPlayer or any new media player coming out. One really good app for playing all of your music, local or streamed.

    8. I might be the only one, but I think an iPod emulator would be pretty cool. One that just looks and works just like an iPod. Maybe as an add on or skin to another media player.
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    It would also be awesome if you could set the volume level of your phone to certain levels automatically based on certain times/events (from a new app or other apps), i.e.:
    • (calendar) meeting with boss = mute phone
    • 11p bedtime (some other "scheduler" app) = phone on volume x
    • wake-up (alarm) = un-mute the phone, set to volume y

    Maybe the phone would vibrate to warn you of the impending change a minute before, and you could dismiss the warning to prevent the change.

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