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    The lack of video capture on the pre has never bothered me much, but I would really love to see an app that creates digital zoom.

    I am not a developer, I'm just wondering how possible it would be for a camera zoom app to be released, either homebrew or official.
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    A zoom on the camera is the ONLY thing I miss about my BB Pearl. Well that and a notification light.
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    I'll shoot wide and crop later on if needed.
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    For a couple of photos I have needed to zoom in on subjects. While it's a pretty basic workaround, I open the photo, zoom in using the pinch gestures. Then do a screen capture of the result, using the 'Orange Button' + 'Shift Key' + 'P' or 'Orange Button' + 'SYM Key' + 'P' after update. I have even sent the result to my home email and printed it with OK results.
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