I'm trying to set a breakpoint in the debugger.

I've Putty'd in. Got in debug mode. I launch the app palm-launch with -i flag

How do I set a breakpoint in the constructor or the setup of the first assistant?

The code looks like:

function MenuAssistant() {
/* this is the creator function for your scene assistant object. */
Mojo.Log.error("*** MenuAssistant constructor ***\n")

MenuAssistant.prototype.setup = function() {
/* this function is for setup tasks that have to happen when the scene is first created */

/* use Mojo.View.render to render view templates and add them to the scene, if needed. */

/* setup widgets here */
Mojo.Log.error("*** MenuAssistant.prototype.setup ***\n")
var menuTitleElement = this.controller.get("menuTitle");
menuTitleElement.innerHTML = "A new title.";

/* add event handlers to listen to events from widgets */