hello folks, i have a suite of 3 games in beta, and i currently have the data i need hardcoded in the game assistant. i would like to expand the levels and have random puzzles created from words in the database, but can't seem to figure out how to work the local storage. i would like to store predetermined words and contact names in the storage. i have seen the tutorials of how to set up a depot, but how do you store or package data with the application so it loaded on the pre when installed? i haven't been able to get the depot working from the sdk example, but i'm sure that will only be a matter of time. when i look at the depot example which has words already within the application, where are those words stored and how did they get there?

any help would be appreciated! i have spent a lot of time on these applications, and would like to make them as enjoyable as possible for the pre (and pixi) user community!

many thanks!