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    Anybody else get a problem where you're unable to reply to messages after you tweak your Pre to view email in landscape mode? I used the tweaks portion of WebOSInstall, and I was no longer able to reply to messages (a card would appear, but no cursor in the body of the message)--though I could still compose new messages. And lo and behold, when I unchecked view mail in landscape mode, I could reply to messages again.
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    That happened to me today. I was not in landscape mode and I could not reply to an email. I also modded my pre via webos install.
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    it's happened to me also. exact same deal
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    mine was not letting me do that till i pulled the battery for somehting else now i can reply ........... funky
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    just turn it landscape then back to vertical
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    It happened to both my wife & I. To fix it, I uninstalled the landscape tweak & reinstalled it.
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    I kept thinking it was the other person's phone because it didn't happen all the time. I had to uninstall the tweak from webosquick install and put it in manually to keep the email landscape.
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    Same thing, I was suspecting the tweak but thought I'd check here first to see if anyone else was reporting it. Disabled the tweak, I could reply, re-enabled the tweak, I couldn't. Ah well, landscape is good for viewing some HTML e-mails but I can live without it...
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    Never had an issue. Knock on wood.
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    I have never had a problem replying with this tweak installed.
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    Well with me it didn't show up immediately, it got worse over a period of time.

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