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    Was just at the sprint store and was told they couldn't work on my phone or exchange because it had been rooted? Does adding homebrew root your phone?

    Said the firmware was not the original. My firmware says CC 1.2(334).
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    Ummm Sprint used the term "rooted"? How would they even KNOW, and who at the Sprint store would use that term, as it is not even a real thing?

    On this forum, it has become common place to say "rooting", but that is in effect not even a real thing. Its just the ability to have access to the Linux Operating System of the phone, which is perfectly legal, and available directly from in the SDK
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    What does your firmware say?
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    lolol ha ha my firmware is the same . its not the firmware he should be looking at but web os which should be 1.1.0... but i would like someone else to confirm this please .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I thought the same, but wasn't sure. My Web OS is 1.1 as well. I think he may have seen some of the homebrew apps and decided it was rooted, though I have not done any rooting other than homebrew if that is rooting?????
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    They cannot refuse to service or return your phone for this. Since it is an OPEN platform, Sprint position is if it is physical defect, they have to fix or return. If it is software related, your on your own. That's why we have WEBOSDOCTOR. Call CS and explain what happened, they will take care of you.

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