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    You can use either do this through linux on the pre or webos quickinstall.

    The file we are looking for is listview-assistant.jsjsjs

    we find that here: /usr/palm/applications/ $on$ $webos$ $quick$ $install$

    and for linux we would write:

    cp /usr/palm/applications/ /$media$/$internal$/

    This takes the file and puts it in your pre usb folder

    Open up listview-assistant.jsjsjs $with$ $a$ $text$ $editor$ $like$ $word$ $pad$.
    I am unsure of the line but we are looking for where it says this.

    {label:$L('Conversations'), command:this.COMMAND_MENU.loadHistoryView.command, width:160},
    {label:$L('Buddies'), command:this.COMMAND_MENU.loadBuddyView.command, width:160}

    Here you simply change the label to whatever you want. ex.

    {label:$L('Convos'), command:this.COMMAND_MENU.loadHistoryView.command, width:160},
    {label:$L('friends'), command:this.COMMAND_MENU.loadBuddyView.command, width:160}

    You can also change the size of the buttons by changing the width number.

    Send it back to the pre
    Webos quickinstall : /usr/palm/applications/

    Linux : cp /media/internal/listview-assistant.jsjsjs /$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$messaging$/$app$/$controllers$/

    *Always make sure to make a backup of everything you change!!!*

    Hope this helps. I was looking for hours on how to do this lol.
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    I never thought about changing this, but I would change buddies to IM and leave Conversations the same. Thanks man.

    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
    then least you could do is click the "Thanks" button.
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    here is what ive done so far its very WIP as im still learning lol.

    Changed the font size and color.

    Marcus fenix attachment icon, Gun and lights on suit llight up upon press.
    Find em! in search contact field.

    Changes from marcus to carmines head lol upon typing.

    Carmines eyes light up when pressing send

    Pop up text changed to "choose someone"

    Changed background to darkish grey with off white text.
    trying to change buddies and convos icons to marcus shooting a locust but as you can see it didnt work lol

    HEADSHOT! hahah

    My dialer background

    My boot screen first pic

    Second pic..LOOKS REALLLY NICE!!
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    Yeah I couldnt find this anywhere! lol I looked for hours. Do you know that if instead of just changing the background color in IM that if you can put your own background?
    Your very welcome!

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