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    Device: Palm Pre
    Operating System : Windows XP 32 bit
    Tried to figure out the prob on my own using the trouble shooting guide with no luck Im not good with these kind of things basic to med computer skills
    Downloaded webos quick install and got message: download required for weos quick install to run correctly it requires to download webos doctor I clicked yes to download then clicked version sprint and then I get
    Error :

    Tried to reinstall java multiple times no help
    Any help would be great
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    Go to the Homebrew Forum:

    WebOS Quick Install

    This problem has been addressed several times there. Look especially in the last few pages.
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    I was getting the same error the key is not to open them but say save them in the same place mine got saved to my c drive . All you have to do is open it from there and it should work. Good luck

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