Not sure what you got going on. I myself new and know very nothing about coding.

Thanks to all the advice above.

Ok here is what I did today, and I also have 64-bit which did slow me down a bit. After checking to make sure Java was up to date I downloaded the VitualBox from the clicking the Widows one all the way to the right. (You may have to register before you get to this page. Than once it downloaded I started it up. I had no problems that. You may just need to delete everything (not Java) and start over. SDK should be installed after VitualBox.

Once it is installed and working move on to the SDK which will take some time to download. Than there is where 64-bit gets tricky. I had to follow the instructions from lenexa on page 2 Forums webOS • View topic - 64 Bit Vista?

and Crowza post in Forums webOS • View topic - Can't launch emulator on 64-bit Vista

Than I was good to go.

This probably didn't help, but better than nothing. You probably just need to start over with VitualBox.