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    I think I saw an application somewhere that had a spinner going inside the header (at the top right corner). Am I on crack or is this possible to do?
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    Look at the goto lite app.
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    I took a look at the APIs app, which has the "Cross-Application Push" under "Stages." Is that the one you mean? I didn't see any spinners in there. Am I missing something?
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    No_ the homebrew app called go to lite. The compas dialog uses one.
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    Thanks! Turns out to be obviously simple. Duh! But to contribute to the forum, I'll put the info that I got below:

    <div id="main" class="palm-hasheader">
    	<div class='palm-header' id="wplistheader">
    		<div class='palm-header center'><span id='HeaderName'></span></div>
    		<div class='palm-header-right' id="myspinner" x-mojo-element="Spinner" ></div>
    To setup the widget:
    this.controller.setupWidget("myspinner", this.spinnerAttrs = {spinnerSize: Mojo.Widget.spinnerSmall}, {});
    To start the spinner:

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