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    Hey mamouton, good to hear! look forward to seeing what else you need updated.

    I was kind of cautious about the emails as well. That is why I havn't put the app up yet. It is completed, and I figured out my errors and fixed them. I have not used the private feed yet so to be honest, I'm not too sure about how "secure" it is.

    As I said, it was only to make the process of getting the app to you smoother. If you are uncomfortable with this, it's perfectly fine. I can just send you the ipk at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing about the other principal's interest as well!

    Once again, sorry for the huge delay in progress. Let me know what you think about the private feed and what the other principal thinks!
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    Hey mamouton!

    The updated app is now up on a private beta page of the app catalog. I verified with another developer that the beta app stays private and no one has access to it without the direct url.

    I will send that out to you through email soon. Again, if you are not comfortable with this, let me know and I'll take it down instantly.

    Still waiting on your update request!
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    Ok cool, I had a principal meeting today and didn't get a chance to get to my office.
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    Sirataxero this looks great. You have really made some improvements to the app. I was impressed before, but this is great!! Is there a way to set the increments to less than 1 hour. Sometimes I only conduct 5 minute walkthroughs. The walkthroughs vary in time, but if I could set the time limit maybe in increments of 5 that would be great. Thanks again
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    Hey mamouton,

    Thanks! I can definitely change the increments to minutes. My mistake, I thought you spent an entire period or so doing the evaluations. I'll change the intervals to 5 and try to have it done sometime this weekend.
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    Ok this is too neat. The changes are on my desk so I should be able to get them to you by this weekend. Thanks again!
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    Hey mamouton,

    Open up the App Catalog and update your app. The 5 minute incrementer has been implemented.

    Isn't this so much more convenient?

    WHOOPS! Completely messed up. The incrementer increments per minute for now. It starts at 5 but goes up by 1. I'll fix that right up and push another update. It should be letting you upgrade within a couple hours. Sorry! However, it has been switched to increment through minutes instead of hours. You can update to that version already. Just in time for 1.4 .
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