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    Hey got your email been rebuilding my son's engine today, he warped the heads.

    So in essence you are saying that if I create a Teacher A profile that teaches Science and select all the items I want anytime I click the profile for Science it will be all ready to go? If I am understanding you correctly that would be awesome.
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    Administrator, Car mechanic, Pre-affectionado, etc... is there anything mamouton can't do?

    haha, sorry, couldn't resist.

    Yeah, so I'm thinking having profiles that the user can name themselves (doesn't have to be subject related) but that can automatically toggle drawers for inclusion/exclusion from the email would be very convenient, I assume.

    I'll try to get started on that and see how it goes. If it's too hard, I'll abandon it. haha. But HOPEFULLY, I should be able to manage it.

    I also have an idea for a new app that i'm thinking of so I might get started on that too... so just a heads up, this is more of a future proposal. haha.

    Good luck with the engine!
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    We just about have the engine together, will put on timing belt in the morning after church. Got dark, cold, and mosquitoes got too bad.
    I just installed it and played with the preferences page, and I think I understand what you mean now. I just turned everything off and put on things I would look for in the science room, you are saying I could save that so I wouldn't have to do it all the time right? That would be a cool feature, I could just go in and click on math, literacy, science, etc.. What a time saving feature!!

    What kind of new app are you thinking about? The medical field might be your area of interest but it seems programming might be your gift!
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    Awesome! I'm glad the preferences page is already coming in handy. Yeah, so essentially, you could save the "on and off" conditions of each drawer for specific subjects or people, whatever you would like.

    I'll put that on the proposals section for now, cuz I just started working on a new app. The new app IS in the medical field... haha so It's a combination of both of my "interests". It's a secret project for now, but it should be at least prepared before the end of the year, hahaha, kind of long term.

    Thanks for the compliment! Programming is just something I do in my off time, cuz I'm interested and I actually find it rather liberating. It's like releasing your brain child into the wild and seeing it blossom and be useful.

    It's a wonderful feeling.
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    Hey SirataXero,
    I have gotten a lot of nibbles but no major bite yet? Most of the people I am talking to have not really begun using the Pre to the extreme I have. I installed Preware on their Pre so that they could see how open it could be and maybe then they will see the potential.

    One guy was still carrying another phone just to use the calendar, I showed him agenda and how useful it was, so I think after they see more of what the Pre can do they will show more interest.
    I have feelers out there have you thought about what is reasonable on your end? If you could purchase an application that you couldn't write , that you would use on a daily basis, what would you be willing to pay for it? If I could give them something type of limit one way or the other that might help matters out.
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    It is still working great I need to email you a name change. Also is there a way to clear the form? I notice when I am doing heavy walkthroughs I have to close the form and open it back up when I go into another classroom, would be convienent to hit a clear button( and maybe have a confirmation pop up in case you hit it accidentally) I wouldn't want it to clear when I hit submit because as I am reviewing the email it is sending out I might notice something I forgot and need to go check a box or collapse a drawer and if it did it automatically I would have to re input everyting again. I noticed something else but I will have to wait until I get back to work and review my notes I wrote to send you. Thanks again.
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    Hey mamouton,

    I have been thinking about the price range. I considered something between $5 and $10 or so for the price of the app. I figured there's a lot of customization that has to go into it, if i'm going to be personalizing the app to each individual (or school, I guess). It would depend on the level of customization. I think somewhere around that price range should be fair. I was considering giving the app out for free and maybe having a license ($1 a month per app) or something, but I don't personally want to take up the responsibility of managing licenses and all that. Let me know what the general feeling is for something like that.

    As for the progress report, thanks! Good to hear its going good. I will work on updating it as soon as you send me your notes/comments back. Name change is extremely trivial. The way to clear the form might take me a bit. It definitely can be done, I can just add another button below the "Submit" button that says "Clear Form" or so. That might take a while to program something that goes through each checkbox, text field, and whatnot, and clears it. So, I can get on that this weekend. I hope the other thing you noticed isn't something crucial! Hopefully it shouldn't be since you forgot it... haha.

    Well either way, let me know what you need and I'll try my best.

    Now that my Gray's Anatomy app has been released, I have a bit more freedom. Even though it needs a lot of bug fixes. >.<.
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    Hey SirataXero,
    Here are the changes, under the Required document section, please remove Individual/class charts displaying mastery of Teks and Data Binder. Under Balanced Literacy please remove BL Binder on desk. Under IFL/POL if possible move the Criterion Charts, rubrics to Clear expectations should read like this
    Clear Expectations (ex. Criterion charts, rubrics)
    Under the same section please add Recognition of Accomplishments, Self management of learning, and learning as apprenticeship
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    Hey mamouton,

    update: The changes have all been made. I'm just working on the "Clear All" button.

    Instead of a popup (which I didn't bother learning how to do, haha) I made it so that when you hit the Clear All button, it changes into two buttons (Accept, Cancel). If you hit accept, it will clear, if you hit cancel, it will go back to the clear all button and nothing will change.

    What do you think?
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    I also remember you saying something about a name change... Have you sent out that email? I haven't received anything from you. Let me know and I can fix the name as well.
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    Hey mamouton,

    one more thing. I am trying to submit my other apps to the App Catalogue and it requires a web page. I started making a web page on google sites (primarily because it was free) and I wanted to put in a page about this app.

    Form app for PreCentral member 'mamouton' (SirataXero)

    This is what I have so far. Please let me know if it is OK with you. If it's not, that's perfectly fine. I will instantly take it down, no harm done.
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    Pm sent with name changes.
    That is fine as far as the website. I hope that brings you some educator business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    Hey mamouton,

    update: The changes have all been made. I'm just working on the "Clear All" button.

    Instead of a popup (which I didn't bother learning how to do, haha) I made it so that when you hit the Clear All button, it changes into two buttons (Accept, Cancel). If you hit accept, it will clear, if you hit cancel, it will go back to the clear all button and nothing will change.

    What do you think?
    That will work. I just needed a way to clear when I am conducting marathon walkthroughs without having to restart the app.
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    Hey Sirataxero, I have one principal ready to purchase the app. How do you want to handle this? Have you settled on a price yet he would probably be willing to pay at least $20.00. You can email me the details. Congrats!
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    Hey mamouton,

    Thanks! That's great news! I guess I'll email you with the info that you need.

    As for the update:

    I'm really sorry but I'm afraid the updates might have to wait a bit. Maybe a couple weeks, to be honest. : /.

    I'm really trying to catch up academically. I've been slacking off and have suffered for it. I don't really want to jeopardize my academic position right now.

    As I said, the rest of the updates are all fixed, as per requested. I just have the clear all button that doesn't do anything yet. If you want, I can give you the app, as is. Again, it has all the updates you requested, except for the clear all button.

    Let me know if you'd like it, or if you want to wait for the Clear All update as well.

    Again, thank you very much! and I'm really sorry about the lack of updates...
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    Hey I understand I am probably further behind on my school work than you. Have to meet with my committee and explain why I haven't submitted my IRB paperwork. Take your time with the revisions, it can wait until you get caught up. We are getting ready to wind down a little bit for the holidays. I told you the Pre was addicting.
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    Hey Sirataxero,
    How is school work coming? The principal is willing to pay $20 for the app. What information do you want me to get for you?
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    Hey Mamouton,

    I'm slowly trying to get back into the swing of things, so it might be a while until I am fully up and running (in the development front). $20 seems very reasonable to me.

    I would just like him (or her) to have my contact information and let them decide how they want to handle it. If they want to use you as a liaison, that's fine with me as well. Would they be needing the same form? Or would it be a completely customized form? I assume they would want the email addresses changed as well. That's perfectly fine.

    Just let me know, and if they can, get them to send me a list of changes (or maybe their own personal form, if its different) so that I can take a look at it and see what needs to be changed in the app.

    Thanks for setting this up!

    As for the app, to be honest, I haven't gotten around to implementing the clear all button I promised yet. Not too sure when that will happen, but as soon as it does, I'll send you the new version of the app.

    Sorry about the really long delay!

    Hope everything's good with you and your IRB paperwork.
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    Hey Mamouton,

    Sorry for taking so long. I finally managed to get the Clear Form done and the few suggestions you gave me MONTHS ago, implemented. >.<.

    I have the new updated version, which works on the emulator but explodes on the device, for some reason. I will finish up the testing and have it set up on the Palm App Catalog beta feed. This will allow me to push updates to you quicker, and allow you to instantly know when an update is available and to be able to download it quicker.

    It will be through a private URL that I only give you. Thus, it will only be accessible to you. Unless you feel the need to send it out to others. It will not be able to be found (hopefully) by any other means. This includes Preware or the regular App Catalog.

    You can send me your updates and I'l try to get this version up ASAP. Then, as soon as I get your new updates up, I will update the version again.

    If you are uncomfortable with this, I will not put it up as a beta app. Let me know what you think.
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    Hey SirataXero, that sounds good. I will send the corrections tomorrow they are on my desk. My only concern would be the email addresses that are in the program. Have you had success in the past with the private url feed?

    I will see the other principal on Thursday and check his interests again.
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