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    I would need the teachers to see the PDAS signature required or general feedback comment. That way it is very clear for them what the feedback is for.
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    Oh, alright. Sound's good.

    I am placing it right after the logistical data (teacher name time and such) and right before the "Students Were:" section.

    Let me know if you have a preference as to where it should be.
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    Hey SirataXero,
    I am not sure but what are you using to create the apps/forms/etc... and what all are the possibilities with it. What kind of stuff do you need to know in doing this stuff.... Also what other kinds of projects do you/have you worked on????
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    Hey mamouton,

    I implemented the checkbox and signature block that you wanted. It now shows a little note on the form that states whether a signature is required (with signature block included on the bottom) or if its just for general feedback (no signature block).

    Hope you like it! As soon as I get the dark gray out and add the time difference calculator, I'll send it over to you.


    Thank you for your interest! I'd like to direct you to a tutorial I wrote a while back on how to program for the Pre here. It's just Javascript/HTML with a bit of CSS sprinkled in. The other projects I have worked on include that tutorial app (HelloWorld 2.0), I worked on a game or two off and on with some of the developers on this forum, I helped palmdoc a little bit with DrugView and I also released my own app (mostly for my own purposes) called RIPTA.

    Let me know if you need anything else.
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    That is fine where you positioned it. I see the collaspables are working great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    That is fine where you positioned it. I see the collaspables are working great!

    Collapsables are perfect so far!

    I also managed to get the time difference calculated. .

    It goes in negative if the end time is before the start time. haha. As long as you're careful, it should be fine.

    So, just getting the dark gray out and we should be in business.

    I'll release v1.2 with these fixes and then work on getting a preferences page done (I already begun that part). Then v1.3 will have the preferences page included.

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    I just saw the time field, you have taken this app to a whole new level. That director I told you about is sending a principal over next week he has a Pre so I will show him my form. Have you been thinking of a price yet?

    Edit: I can do some fact gathering for you if you like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    Have you been thinking of a price yet?

    Edit: I can do some fact gathering for you if you like.
    I would appreciate that very much, if you have time, please.
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    Looks like you fixed the gray!!

    Edit: No problem I will put some feelers out Monday!
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    This works great!!! I can't wait until Tuesday when we are back in our building and I can do some walkthroughs, we have a staff development on Monday, but I can show off my app to the principals I will be with and drum up some more interest. I have never been so excited about walkthroughs. Looking at the view count it appears there are several others interested in what you are doing here.
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    haha It does look promising. I'm sure those views are just from curious visitors who wonder what this is about... that's probably it.

    But anyway, I'm so glad the app will help you achieve your own personal goal, and get you excited about your walkthroughs.

    As for updates, I know I FINALLY got it up to decent working order (v1.2) but here's a little enticing sneak peek at what's about to come in v1.3.

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    That looks good, I will still be able collapse drawers in the main app though right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    That looks good, I will still be able collapse drawers in the main app though right?
    Oh yeah, of course. This is just to control the default behavior every time the app is launched.

    I am including the option to already have each section either closed or opened when the app is launched.

    I am also including the option of whether you want the inclusion of the section in the email controlled by the collapse of the drawer or not. In other words, if you mark it "on" then when the section is collapsed it will not show up in the email. If you mark it off, then when the section is collapsed it will still show up. This second option is purely for navigational purposes. I don't really know if you'll be needing it that much or not, so i'm still considering it for now.
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    it would be a nice feature.
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    hey sirataxero I asked around several people inquired so I asked the what would they be willing to pay. They should get back with me by tomorrow.
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    Hey mamouton,

    That's great!

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.
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    Hadn't forgotten, just been busy, I will follow up with the prinicpals today via email. This app is the best. We were discussing written feedback and I showed them how I went from struggling to mastering written feedback overnight. A couple of the prinicpals in FW have Iphones and Blackberrrys and when I show them my app they are like how can I get that, I simply say you need to buy a Pre and smile. Thanks again
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    No problem. Take your time. I appreciate it. As for smiling and saying "you need a Pre" that is awesome! Haha. Congrats! I'm glad its helping you make the iPhoners and BB-ers jealous. .

    As for the updates: I have the functionality part done with the preferences page. I'm just taking care of a UI bug with the drop down buttons. It should HOPEFULLY be released this weekend.
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    v1.3 is ready!

    I'm sending it to you now. .


    - added a preferences page
    - added option to choose state of drawer on first launch
    - added select all/deselect all option

    Nothing new added to the main page


    I'm thinking about something for 1.3.5.

    A close all/open all buttons right before all the drawers begin on the main form page, for quick and easy access. Would you like something like this? Would it be practical/useful? If that is something you'd like, let me know, and I'll add it in, otherwise I won't start on it just yet.
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    I have a bit more of a radical idea.

    This might be v2.0 if it ever gets implemented. The idea is to have user generated profiles. In other words, from the preferences page, you would click "create new profile" or something, and go into a page which has a text box on top and a list of all the sections (i.e. Students Were, Teacher was, etc. ). In the text box you enter "Science" and then mark whichever section you want displayed for a science teacher (i.e. you would check off science, uncheck math, things like that). Save this, and go back to the preferences page. In there, you would see a list of your created profiles, which you can manage (edit, delete, create a new one). Now, when you go into the main page, under subject, would be another drop down menu for profiles. If you pick the science profile, it would automatically close math and other such sections that you unchecked, and leave the others opened. So, you could make another profile for math, which when loaded, would close the science and other drawers leaving math and the general info ones open. I don't know if this makes any sense. Hopefully it does. Let me know what you think. I think this might be more practical than you having to check and uncheck drawers every time.

    Let me know what you think!
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