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    hey everyone if i were to run the web os doctor does it get rid of all my contacts as well as all the apps that i downloaded ???????? plz help im new to all this it took me awhile to root the phone.
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    It wont delete your contacts but it will delete any linked contacts you have (ex: if u have a facebook contact and u linked that contact with a contact stored in your phone already, this will be erased)

    the only apps that would stay on your phone are the official apps that you downloaded from the app catalog...homebrew apps would be deleted
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    now isnt there a why to remove the patches in web os internals ?????
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    Applying Patches - WebOS Internals

    scroll down to where it says "removing all packages"
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    i did that and nothing, makes me kind of wonder when they do come out with the update.
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    I have a question about web os doctor. In another forum on how to install patches on 1.2 it said to run a previous version of web os doctor and do some stuff, but it not a full wipe... I went through the new web os doctor looking for the same option, but all it now wants me to plug in the phone to wipe it. Is there any way to abort that option? I do not want to wipe the phone...


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