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    After browsing the homebrews for nearly a month now, I've taken a liking to many apps. I've also modified many icons and ui elements that annoy me too much for daily use in many of those same awesome applications.

    Purpose of this thread:
    To better assist the more skilled developers and to contribute the skills of the more design-oriented individuals like myself, I thought opening a thread for discussion on design might facilitate such an environment that coders and designers can constructively and freely offer feedback or even designs for many of the apps that exist and new ones to come.

    This should be a place where we can discuss design on any UI element of an app, artwork within, application icons, or the functionality of the layout.

    Ground Rules:

    1. What this shouldn't be is a free-for-all against badly designed apps. Some apps are horribly designed or are counter-intuitive in functionality. DO NOT CRITICIZE unless it is constructive.
    2. If you do see places for improvement in a specific app, first ask in the app's forum page, or PM the developer.
    3. Post here to volunteer your design skills, for pay or for free. If a particular app is looking to go into the paid category, then you should be paid as well. Both the main coder/developers and designers should agree beforehand. If an otherwise free app ends up in the paid section, and it's using a designer's main elements, the designer should be compensated if not already.
    4. Contribute links to your design work for developers to get an idea of your style.
    5. Do not over-post images. Let's try to keep embedded artwork to a minimum. If you do post images, be sure to link web res images only.

    Remember, Apple Computer's first logo was super-crap! Now it's iconic.

    That's it! Good luck everyone and I hope this thread allows awesome designers to meet awesome coders to help create some amazing applications.
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    Over at Internals we've started to include some more design oriented documentation to help developers. Since most are only "developers" it's hard to get a solid thought out intuitive UI as "function" before "form" is their priority.

    Portal:SDK - WebOS Internals

    Feel free to contribute by expanding the documentation on the User Interface. Probably need to setup a tutorial for those not familiar with doing paper mockup and testing.
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    Thanks Templarian. I appreciate the input. I will visit the wiki and try to add my input and what I know as far as design goes. It appears no one has much input on that aspect there. lol.

    I've also found your add-on for Komodo Edit very useful. Hopefully my coding skills get better with that tool.
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    For reference, I'm a graphic designer and web developer. My website is I will post a link to my device-oriented designs soon including icons I designed for myself for the Pre and other environments.

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