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    How do you save an image onto a device through the SDK?

    Doesn't have to be a documented API, because my app won't be submitted to the catalog for a while...

    I think the download manager might work, but I will have to look into it.
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    Ok, so the download manager is sort-of working...

    this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.downloadmanager/', {
    				method: "download",
    				onSuccess: function(event){
    				onFailure:"Failed to download"),
    				parameters: {"target": "",
    					     "targetDir": "/media/internal/WizardApps",
    					     "targetFilename": "logo.png",
    					     "keepFilenameOnRedirect": false}});
    Basically, it should download the PreCentral logo and put it into the WizardApps folder, but I don't know if I have the parameters right... Can anyone help?
    Sprint Palm Pre - WebOS 2.1 > Sprint HTC Arrive

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