Hi fellows,

After playing around with the calendar application and monitoring the dbus I found out how to submit entries to any calendar you want on your phone. Apparently the Pre calendar application does not use the /crud services but rather the / services directly (i.e. com.palm.calendar instead of com.palm.calendar/crud). The API's are also different.

If you want to try it out, I use it in v.0.2.0 of Quick Event http://www.precentral.net/homebrew-apps/quick-event


- Your application needs to be in the com.palm domain.

- use for example the method getCalendarsByAccount on palm://com.palm.calendar to get a list of all calendars

- use the setEvent method instead of the createEvent method (same syntax).

- to get a list of all events in all calendars in a time frame you can use the getEvents method ( example: {"calendarId": "all", "startDate": 1200000000000, "endDate": 1200010000000, "subscribe": false, "freeTimes": true})

I really hope Palm change the security system around this. I really like a per application approval instead of giving super privileges to applications that happen to be in the com.palm domain.

So feel free to do something good with it. And be nice!