So just a odd idea. I know I used a dashboard app on my Centro that allowed you to create a back up of the phone to an SD card. It was a compress package that held everything from your phone you told it to. Including apps, pictures, contacts, memos, etc. I used to back up every Monday and then save a copy to my computer. Then if the phone crashed or you had to do a full reset all you had to do was install the dashboard and put the package on the SD card and the dashboard could reinstall everything.

Do you think it would be possible to do something like that for the Pre? Build an app that backs up all apps, pics, messages, memos, everything and saves it to the user accessible area. That way you could plug the Pre into a computer offload the package. Reset the phone, reinstall the backup app and put the package back on the Pre and use the backup app to expand it and reinstall all your stuff.

My programming skills stop at the DVR so I'm way out of my league, but it just popped into my mind as I had to do a reset and reinstall all my homebrew apps, music, etc... It sucked to have to turn all my memos into a txt file to turn it back into memos after the reset!