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    If this has been covered don't shoot me!

    I would love to have alarms to wake me up that are based on location. I figure the location can be determined from GPS and/or WiFi.

    Various alarms could be set for different locations and different days of the week. Example, if I'm north, Monday's wake up alarm goes off at 6:15. If I'm south Monday's alarms goes off at 7:00. Tuesday goes off at 8:30 if south and 7:15 if north. Saturday's at 11:00 if north and 10:30 if south. Etc, etc.

    Icing on the cake would be if the same alarms above could be set to NOT go off if I'm in a certain location. This would be useful in case I forget to turn off and alarm and don't want to interrupt an early morning meeting at work.

    (And finally, I asked a similar dev forum for a similar type of app when I was using Windows Mobile devices. Several people asked why anyone would want this. The people asking this were always married and wake up in the same bed and go to the same job every morning. I live deep south in the city. My girlfriend lives far north. I have a job and I'm also a student, so my schedule is kind of crazy. There ya' go... )
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    I actually am currently working on something like this. I hope to have a beta available in the next week or so (no promises!). PM me your email and I'll send you the IPK when I get it a bit more functional.
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    This would actually be pretty cool. I would use it for similar reasons. One of my girls has a boyfriend...I would wanna make sure my alarm goes off in good time for me to make my getaway....

    I keed, I keed...
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    good idea. would also be helpful to make an alarm not go off... say you work at 12 everyday except sunday... theres no need for an alarm to go off sunday at 11...

    edit: didnt really say what i meant to... say you have some errands to run or whatever and you arent asleep at the time of your alarm, if you arent home, it wouldnt go off..
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    @backlund: I sent you two PM's but they're not showing in my sent items on Precentral. Please let me know if you didn't receive anything. I'd love to give it a test.
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    Tye I did receive the PM's. I should clarify my app a bit for everyone. I am working on a GPS based task manager. Basically, let's say the wife tells you to get milk on the way home from work. Normally, I would set a reminder in my calendar to go off around the end of the work day. But, usually I end up forgetting even if it goes off! My app is going to allow you to set a location for your task reminder. So instead of setting it to remind me at 5:00, it will instead alarm me when I drive past the grocery store. The GPS alarms you mentioned is also a feature I want to add.

    I hope to have a working alpha really soon for everyone to test. There's an uncanny amount of details to work out to make this not only functional, but also keep it from destroying the battery life of your phone. I'm currently finishing the "under the hood" parts of the app. I haven't done much of any user interface creation because I want to make sure the app is functional before spending hours on the UI.
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    Looking forward to this one. Status?
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    This is one I really need!

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