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    I went into the WebOS Quick Install and checked the boxes for add launcher page and email in landscape. The launcher page worked great but when I went into the email program I just have a white screen? Can anyone help me with this? I use my email program a lot for work so I'm kinda' screwed if I don't have this working by tomorrow! Thanks, all...this is the best group I've ever seen for helping people like me (smart enough to get in trouble but too dumb to get out, lol!) get out of jambs! Be gentle...I'm not a techno buff.
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    Just hook back up to quick install and deselect that option to go back to regular. Landscape didnt work for me either.
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    After you deselect do you just click "close"?....or is there another step because I think I've already done this with no result (the first time I deselected both options and the launcher went back to it's original state of no options for add/delete page but email is still a white screen).
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    When you deselect landscape you have to wait for your phone to reboot. The boot screen will flash for a bit and then the regular screen will come back on. Then you close the tweaks page. This fixed my email problem.
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    Weird...that's what should have happened but there was no reboot. It didn't do anything. Anyone know how I can get my email page back?

    Nevermind...I finally got it to work (not the landscape view but the white screen is gone now after finally went thru the mini reboot!). I don't know if it's my computer or what but I have clicked on Device Management and it says there's no device found but then it lists all the apps I've installed. Then if I click on Dev. Mngmt again sometimes it'll find the Pre and sometimes after 5 or 6 attempts I'll just restart the computer (which can be an adventure because Novacom hangs and I'll have to use the on/off button instead of going thru std reboot.) and redo everything from scratch. Wasted a lot of time on this today. Thank you everyone for the help!
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