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    I have been trying out this DiabeTrac app, and it is a good starter.

    I had been using a program called Diabetes Pilot on my old 755p, and I found it to be the best of all.

    From the design of DiabeTrac, it doesn't seem like it would take much more to add:

    Amount and type of insulin or oral taken
    Time Taken
    Meal builder.


    I would be more than happy to send a copy of the.prc for review if it would help in any way.
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    Any news with Diabetrac? I use the app every day.

    A couple of problems I've noticed:

    After entering glucose and carbohydrates, I have to save the entry before it will show how much insulin to take.

    Also, the popup keypad is great, but if you hit 'clear' and type a number, a zero preceeds and I think that throws off the insulin amount. Not sure.

    As far as calendar integration, I don't think that's necessary anymore. Perhaps it would be more useful to have the ability to add notes to each entry. I would be able to note if I'm sick, stressed, or if the blood sugar was tested before or after the meal. I could also input exercise info on the occasion that I follow the doctor's orders. It could be hidden like the "More" options, and opened with a tap on a "Notes" arrow.

    In the log, it would be nice to see less info, maybe blood sugar + carbs + insulin in larger numbers, and then provide more detail with a tap. This could open a new stage. I did read a little on development a few months ago.

    FWIW, I contacted Diabetes Pilot a while back, and they kindly explained that the current WebOS user base was not large enough to cover the costs of developing an app, but that they would keep an eye on the status. That app on the iPhone is very elegant and it has a ton of capability. Diabetrac even in its current state has been incredible for me. I showed it to my doctor and she showed it to the staff. It's already a useful app, and I appreciate your work.
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    the latest problem i've had is a result of the 1.3.5 update to the app catalog. Now that it sees homebrew apps, it sees diabetrac and thinks it needs to download an update. The download doesn't work through the a.c. (duh) and I have to remove and reinstall diabetrac with preware. Fortunately, my logs are still intact. I hope there is some way I can help. Thanks again!
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