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    I have not seen this as a feature in any other app but the donation based My Tether. To ME, it was worth the small donation for THIS feature alone.

    This is SUCH a USEFUL feature, that I use IT way more than I use the entire MyTether. I use it to WinSCP into my pre without a cable, I LOVE it for being in the car, and having PRE on a charger in my cup holder mount, and streaming Pandora to my BT and FM, so I can see song/artist, I use it for various other times as well.

    How hard would it be to create an app to JUST do this? Id gladly donate for that too!

    Here is the screen shot of what it looks like in MyTether.

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    I plan on adding support for this to LaunchPoint. When my phone is sitting on my touchstone I want it to display my launchpoints without going to sleep, so that when I need to call somebody, I can just tap their launchpoint without having to wake up the phone.

    In the future, LaunchPoint will have a background element that will always be running. This background program could handle the user-selectable option of keeping the screen on or not, regardless of which program currently has focus, as long as the phone is connected to a power source.
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    i would just like my phone not to lock all the time. it's soooooo annoying to have to swipe the screen all the time.
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    where can i donate to get that version?
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    there is a tweak in web-os internals for those that have rooted.... it allows you to add different time intervals as well as a never go to sleep... haven't tried it myself. Not sure how the my tether app does it, unless it modifies the system file for it....
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    I believe 1 or both of the clock apps in homebrew do this already.
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    My Brightness Unlinked app has a toggle that allows to to keep the phone from sleeping/turning off while it is charging. Just install the app and plug in the usb charger and the toggle will pop up.

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