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    Sex offender registries are disgusting. There are so many better uses of a developer's time that I would hope we'd see an app that auto-tweets when you fart before we see an app that tracks people unfortunate enough to be on this list, whether they did the crime or not.

    Educate yourself.
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    I suppose we all have a right to our opinions. Myself, I know damned well that putting someone in prison doesn't cure sexual deviance, and that when I look at the registry and see Conviction=RAPE AND ABUSE OF CHILD or Conviction=AGGRAVATED RAPE it's enough to make me wonder if I want to move in next door. @Mattykinsx: I don't think ignoring the facts makes them go away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamfrontosa View Post
    It would be a neat app to show sexual offenders based on your gps location. I am not sure how difficult this would be but it might be something everyone would enjoy and get creeped out about.

    I say this with a clean record and clear moral conscience.

    You just over stepped the boundaries of paranoia and there is nothing "neat" about your idea.

    No excuses. This is a cell phone. Your family and personal life is your business, don't make it mine.

    Can the "higher ups" of this site please pull this thread. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.. .
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