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    Does anyone know how to style input text fields? I've tried all the standard CSS properties for text fields, but the only one that I can get to work is the "background-color" ... and that only works when the text field does NOT have focus.

    I really just want to style the background color (focused and unfocused) and the large padding that is on the top and bottom of the text. Has anyone been able to do this?
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    Try this:

    Override the textfield style with an empty one, later add the style .selected, and add your changes to the .selected

    Tell me if works.
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    If your widget has ID "foo",style as follows:

    #foo input {
    your styles here
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    for focus try #foo input:focus too. Or #foo input.selected like the previous poster suggested.
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    Thanks for the quick replies. Unfortunately, none of these solutions seem to work. Even adding inline CSS to the HTML doesn't work

    <div id="searchField" name="searchField" x-mojo-element="TextField" style="padding:0px;margin:0x;"></div>
    Surely there must be a way to properly style the textfield widget. Any ideas? I'll just assume I'm overlooking something.

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