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    I'm taking this antibiotic medicine every 8 hours and I keep forgetting when to take it. If my Pre could remind me about it I'm sure I would not forget. I'm pretty sure it will be useful for a lot of other people too.
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    I second that request. I was actually looking for an app like that on here for my pre. I'm on meds and i swear they 're giving me some sort of short term memory loss. I am always asking myself and trying to figure out if i took my pills or not. It's a good idea I would like to see that app in homebrew in the near future.
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    That would be a nice app, in the mean time though you can set multiple alarms in the clock app or use your calendar and have it remind you 5 mins before the event.
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    OnTimeRx is just what you're looking for. This Medication Reminder App was one of the first apps certified by Classic and it's listed in the Classic applications catalog.
    It has been available for Palms since 2000 and it works the same on the Pre. All you have to do is manually set a "Hot SyncID" in the Classic program and the Palm software will work just fine.
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    I recently developed a simple system for managing medication schedules and reminders using tools that we all have easy access to. If you are interested you can read about it on my blog www dot consideritfixed dot com. The article is called MANAGING YOUR MEDICATIONS WITH AN INTERNET CALENDAR AND A SMART PHONE.

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    Now Classic is stopping there will be NO management program. Wise open for a developer

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