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    pre calendar stinks, and the developer that comes up with a better one will have many customers from treo/centro upgraders.
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    I think that the stock calender has plenty of potential, but is lacking alot of key features, especially features that would appeal to those with business needs. But I trust that palm is working on that.

    But in the mean time i'm wondering if there is anyone who could tweak the stock app in a way that speeds up the stock apps performance, sort of like how music remix improves upon the stock music player.
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    As the Palm SDK stands currently, 3rd-party applications can't change the calendar appointments. You can create new ones, but you can't edit existing appointments. That's a big roadblock for anyone wanted to create 3rd-party applications using the standard Javascript Palm SDK.

    Hopefully, Palm will open up their system more so we can create calendar and task applications.

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    Pimlical, the company that produced Datebk6 for the PalmOS, is working on a new calendar app. They claim they are going to produce a WebOS version eventually.
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    I just can't believe that Palm would put out a calendar that you can't search in. I used to input notes related to meetings eg. useful bits of info mutual friends etc. Being able to find these tidbits was the main reason I loved my palm devices. Palm seems to have forgotten where they came from.

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