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    Here it is..
    This application has 2 parts..

    1. installed on the pre acts like a client..

    2. installed on your desktop acts like a server and syncs all of your bookmarks to share and vice versa.

    You have so many bookmarks to share or not.. If you want to sync all your bookmarks to a desktop (preferably windows) You can personally view or add book marks from the server.

    No.. it has not been developed yet. I'm not even a developer. I started this thread just bringing some new developer ideas to the table. If you like this idea and you or someone you know will work on this, or maybe you think of working on something like this.. Then thank me for the heads up. As you know someone will be looking forward to get their hands on it. ;-)
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    This is a great idea! Try google.bookmarks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lclarkjr View Post
    This is a great idea! Try google.bookmarks.
    yeah "Thanks" that's the idea.

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