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    Ok, so I have read how to hack this on our own...

    "remove the commenting from lines 54-55 and lines 248-251 in /usr/palm/applications/ $as$ $well$ $as$ $uncommenting$ $lines$ $92$-$97$ $and$ $lines$ $101$-$103$ $in$ /$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$screenlock$/$app$/$views$/$securityconfig$/$securityconfig$-$scene$.$html$&$quot$;

    BUT, those fields do not exist in the script under version 1.1. Is this something that is only found in the WebOs v.1.2 script?

    Please help...I CAN wait, but I would like to know where the codes exist in 1.1

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    1.2 only

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