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    Similar to the Palm Pre Tips and Tricks stick, I believe the PreCentral community should have a "How To:" sticky that includes links to all the various How To articles scattered across the PreCentral forums. Especially with the community booming, its hard to scavenge and search for solutions or ideas that you never knew existed.

    Who agrees? If not, then please explain.

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    This would be a great idea.
    There is soooooooooo much info, and tutorials scattered throughout the forums.
    This would tidy things up, and limit the constant searching through threads to find the thread you are looking for.
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    I agree
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    Yes, I too agree that this would be great to have.
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    yep no more searching 172 posts for an answer
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    i too agree. i say u make it happen

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    Yes, not only will the help in searching, but also help find stuff we never knew the palm can do. for example if a user keeps wondering if he can download files to his Pre via internet, then he can just find out from how to thread. BTW is that possible???? somebody link me
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    That's a great idea!
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    i like
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    Abyssul, can you send a PM to Milo regarding this topic? I am sure he can work with you on getting this started.
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    That's a great idea!!!!
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    I like that idea. Hunting through posts gets old. Thanks
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    I don't see how you could say no to this, get started.

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