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    There should be a way we can delete AIM and Facebook friends that were added to the contacts list.
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    The problem is that the Pre would have to truncate the entries you want to delete/ignore whenever it syncs, since it syncs the contacts regularly.

    Then it's a question about where that data goes and what if there's a contact you want to unignore, some sort of interface would have to be implemented for this.
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    facebook has added categories to friends. i read somewhere that there will be a (add to phone) category added. many new phone will be syncing to facebook contacts and this will be an important feature.
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    A simple (yet annoying approach) would be to delete any contants that you do not want synced to your phone from AIM and Facebook.

    Or... You could do what I plan to do (for AIM at least) and make a seperate account for your pre and just add the contacts you want synced to your phone to it.
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    i like ird's idea. but honestly i dont want to make a seperate account and then wait for everyone to accept my invitation. the only reason i want a way to delete facebook and aim contacts is because my gf's mom is my friend and when my gf calls from the house phone it says her mom is calling me. i take it because of that it finds the first contact that has that number in its file... i hope the updates are able to fix this problem.
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    yea i like going on aim i just don't like having all my buddys in my contacts lol
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    Easy, don't be friends with people you don't like enough to talk to...
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    well i like talking to all my friends. just the fact that when a friend calls it shows up as their parents or one of their other family members. thats what i dislike..
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    This is such a stupid feature LOL. My cousin with something like 200 buddies signed onto his AIM on my phone when I let him check it out and now I'm stuck deleting all his crap. God....

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