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    ok i messed up my wife's phone. not sure what I did. I forgot to back up the file. i need


    please let me know how I can get it back. I tired to change the carrier name and now all I have it a white bar on top of the screen. please help

    also how can i install it on the phone. I am new to rooting. and I should have backed up the file. I screwed up
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    download webos doctor

    open it with 7-zip

    drill down to the nova castle root fs file system archive

    In that you will find a copy of every file on the phone. Copy it out to your desktop

    Now, use WebOS Quick Install to copy the file onto your phone.

    No rooting required.
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    7-zip? Sorry i don't understand.
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    Here ya go.
    Its compressed in a .jar file.
    Just extract the contents.
    You can extract it with winrar.
    If you dont have winrar, you can get it from here.
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    r u sure they even understood u ha ha
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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