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    hey all,
    sorry if this has been a) answered before or b) posted on a diff thread, but i need to know:

    the only mod i've ever done is for adding launcher pages, removing the /* comment markers around those two sections in the launcher_assistant.jsjsjs $file$. $i$ $tried$ $a$ $few$ $other$ $mods$ $but$ $didnt$ $do$ $them$ $right$ $and$ $undid$ $those$ $changes$. $however$ $the$ $launcher$ $page$ $mod$ $worked$ $fine$.

    i've read elsewhere that you need to revert all your mods/patches before installing the OTA webos update...i didnt use quilt, i just used a text editor to edit the jsjsjs. $do$ $i$ $run$ $a$ $high$ $chance$ $of$ $bricking$ $my$ $pre$ $if$ $i$ $dont$ $change$ $this$ $back$ $before$ $updating$?

    thanks in advance.
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    You can't brick your pre with software modifications.
    Get that out of your head please

    The doctor fixes all.

    I'm pretty sure files are just replaced, so just try to undo all mods you can.. worse case scenario is you have to use the doctor.. but that's not horrible.
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    I modded icons, backgrounds, time color, carrier string a few days ago.. I don't feel like going back and replacing them with the orginal icons and backgrounds but for the tweaks from WebOS quick install and the on screen keyboard I will remove them.

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