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    Considering that the 2.6.31 Linux kernel adds support for character devices in user space (CUSE, article 308445 on [I can't post links yet]), and that framebuffer devices are character devices, one interesting possibility that comes up is that Palm could add the possibility of creating virtual framebuffers as cards in WebOS (at least, once they forward-port their kernel patches). This would allow running any DirectFB or otherwise FB-based native app as if it was a card in WebOS, possibly even to the level of being able to run Qtopia (have any old Zaurus apps you liked?) or Android (if it gets easier to port around) in a card. Any ideas on how this could be made possible, or problems it might have? (Aside from the performance problems coming from the constant context switches FUSE-like systems incur.)
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    I loved my Zaurus, just wish it had a voice carrier! It would appear there is a good co-ordinated effort to get DirectFB working.

    Application-DFBAdapter - WebOS Internals

    I am very excited about this new plugin. Thanks to everyone involved!!!
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