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    One of my favorite apps on the I phone was the Zippo Lighter. Any developers in the process of making a zippo app?
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    ...what exactly would this application do?
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    It would look just like a zippo lighter, you would flick your finger up on the lid to open it, then flick the striker to light the flame, and if you tilted the phone the flame would move that direction with the accelerometer.
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    If you could link that to the brightness levels of the screen it could look pretty nice.

    Get a realistic flicker to it as the flame moved.
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    It's mainly just a fun and simple app that people use at concerts during an emotional song. Back in my day, people would hold up real lighters at concerts, but times change with advances in technology. I would also love to have this app!
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    Someone should ask Zippo will they plan on making one for the Pre.
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    count me in - would be great
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    has anyone looked into making this? If anyone has or got stuck let me know I'll try my best to add something. Anyone with any skill in devolping, we should get together and make this thing.
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    This would be a pretty awesome app.
    Useless for the most part, but still very cool.
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    It would be a good one. One of those things to keep on the phone for the one day you wish you had it and say "I got an app for that"!
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    I too am surprised this kind of app hasn't come out yet. It's one of the first 'unique' apps I ever learned of on the iPhone. +1 to this request.
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    this would be pretty neat.
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    eeryone agress it would be sweet so lets start working on it guys!
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    Sometimes it's hard to maintain faith in humanity...
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    For a moment there, I thought everyone was being sincere. Ha, scary.
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    i think that a developer should port this to the pre ASAP

    PS i am being serious
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    This is one of the most fun apps on the iPhone. The new "flickit" app from the app catalog is similar, but still needs customization and needs to take advantage of the accelerometer in order to be as cool. I bought that one, in hopes that supporting the developer will lead to those advancements.
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    LOL! Its a Pre not a toy-phone (aka Iphone) :P
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    wow !!!!!!!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    agreed, would be great
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