Hi folks,

I had the palmwiki software on my Centro and I have to tell you, it was horribly addictive.I would love to figure out a way to run a wiki on my Pre, preferrably as an app rather than running one of the light apache daemons and using the web browser. The fact that the GUI is all web-tech seems like it should be easy.

It's been close to ten years since the last time I did any kind of significant web development on a linux platform and that was on a classic LAMP setup. It was nothing super magical, just the kind of webmail, photo-sharing and "live journal" web-apps geeks with their own web server built in the mid 90s before blogger and flickr showed up. I'm not what I'd call a real coder but I have written code that could do stuff.

But I've never installed a wiki (the web server died, new job, less time, etc) so beyond base theory I'm starting from nearly zero. Besides the SDK documents, what should I be reading and researching? Does anyone know of an existing wiki package that is likely to be Pre-linux friendly? Oh, and if someone already knows that HTML5 doesn't play nicely with the existing wiki packages, please let me know before I beat my head against a wall too long.