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    YES! This would be sick.
    A friend of mine has the Hero and wants this app so badlt, so that'd be awesome if I could shove my Pre's gloriousness in his face!
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    I'm fairly sure it will come out soon based on the assumption that the sdk coming out this month will allow access to the mic since there will be native video (and obviously audio) recording on webos.

    longest sentence ever.
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    It had better. I'm getting pretty tired good ideas being shot down with "SDK doesn't support microphone input".

    FTR: this is not one of those "good ideas".
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    Quote Originally Posted by UndeadCircus View Post
    Uhhhh...No. Jay-Z has to be the biggest joke to ever pick up a microphone.

    T-Pain would crush Jay-Z any day of the week. So to the op (being a T-Pain fan) I would definitely love to see this on the Pre.
    You probably the only person on earth to fix your mouth to say some bull like that. You must be on T-Pains payroll.
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    Rap sucks. That being said, such an app would at least provide lulz when I autotune my cat so I say bring it on.
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    Auto tune is not even popular no more.. T pain haven't been on a hit song since 2009
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    I spoke with Smule about a month back, they are the developer of I Am TPain, they said they had no near future plans to create anything for WebOS.

    Quote Originally Posted by @smule
    @mikevember It's always a possibility, but probably not in the near future.
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    Nope, I came here in search of the very same app.. Pre, you need to get it together or I'm dumping you for an iPhone!
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    @jcautious, thanks for bringing this thread up from the dead.

    I saw this thread and watched a video on youtube, now I want the app too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K4p741nkrunch View Post
    I don't know if the Pre could handle it, but you'd have to pass the audio to a pitch detection program like Aubiopitch, constrain the pitch to the scale of your singing, run the output through a low-pass filter, then route the output of this program to the pitch parameter of a LADSPA (Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API) plugin.

    Good luck with that!

    But in all honesty I think this would be a nifty program. I do love to belt out "I'm On A Boat" every once in a while. :P
    This ^^

    I spent about 2 hours on this a few months ago. It _works_, it's just super buggy (and this is without a front end interface). It's just messy the way the pipeline is currently handled on streaming mic input on webos. Maybe I'll throw it in somewhere in the new Precorder 2.0....
    Bringing you the first video recorder (Precorder), the first SDL application/game (DOOM), the first "make my magicjack/corporate voicemail play on my webos phone thingy" (gsm codec package), and now, webos's first opensource media recorder (voice and stream!) -> zcorder
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    I really want this app. and flash!
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    There still isn't an "I am T-Pain" app.....
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    i can sing like a robot!
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    now that we have 2.1 and mic access.. autotune app?
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