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    Hey, home rew gurus! How about a sleep timer so I can fall asleep listening to my music (Pandora or mp3s) on my Pre? :-)
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    Right now I use my Chumby as a radio clock for my alarms and listening yo Shoutcast to go to sleep, which has a sleep timer to turn off the music. I wish that webOS had a sleep timer too. I just invested a lot of time to set up ampache on my notebook and want to listen to my mp3s at bedtime. Maybe this could be added to the app that allows other timed events like rebooting weekly, turning off the phone overnight, etc.
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    I would like this also.
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    I've been listening to Pandora and Music Player at night and thought I'd push this back up to the top.
    A sleep timer so I'm not logged onto Pandora all night would be great.
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    I've been using preset reset as a workaround for a sleep timer on my pre. It works quite well as long as you don't have any recurring tasks that pop up notifications on a reset...
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    It would be cool to have a sleep timer app that would just close any selected app. Either on a timer(15 minutes) or a set time of day(1AM). Also allowing for 1 time sleepers, or reoccurring sleepers that would automatically always shutdown an app at a certain time of day.
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    So has anyone created a sleep timer for webos yet? Possibly a sleep timer that restarts luna so all apps are shut down.
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    there is an app by jason called 'preset reset'

    you can schedule daily luna restarts if needed
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    ÜberRadio, is in the homebrew section.
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    Radiotime now has a sleep timer feature.
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    I like to listen to Police scanners on RR Mobile because they stream channels in my area. I can also open multiple streams at once if its a slow crime night. I need a timer that can be set to shut the apps off. A set time each day would be better than nothing but I am sure someone on PreCentral could create an actual sleep timer that would restart Luna (quit all apps).

    Thanks for your response to my question
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    EasyDreams can play your music library and set a timer... with an alarm for naps!

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