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    Hello fellow PreCentral users!

    What is this about?
    Here's what I'm planning on doing... I absolutely love music and everything surrounding it. I thought that this idea would actually be really neat and I would enjoy doing this a lot more as I'm able to express a lot of creative freedom when I write music. So... What I'm going to start doing is putting together 100% original songs for you guys to use as ringtones for any phone you have that supports MP3 files. I understand most of you want something pretty mainstream when it comes to blasting your ringtone in line at the grocery store - but I created these as a way for you to just have something...different.

    Copyrights, disclaimers and other boring stuff...
    Every bit of what I create is 100% original work. I don't mind at all if you use these short little diddly's for anything you plan to create - be it an application for the phone or a tutorial on YouTube. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due. Each song has been given it's own Creative Commons License. Basically: you can use the song in free or commercial work, however you just can't edit it. (Click here for more information on the CCL)

    My music background...
    Like I said - music is pretty much my life. I've been the vocalist in a metal band for about three and a half years now and since starting in the band scene, music has enveloped my entire life (not in a bad way at all). My main genre of choice to listen to is definitely hard rock and a bit of trance. However, when I create music on my computer I love sticking in the trance/hip-hop genre; I just find it challenging and tons of fun.

    File information, etc...
    I create every bit of what I do digitally (except in some occasions I'll play the drum track myself and record it to the tune). This means that every song should be in the 320KBPS MP3 format and have very little, if none at all, distortion in the way it sounds. They should be perfectly usable when putting them on your phone. Also, I try and keep the filesize down as much as I can to avoid taking up too much space on your phone.

    Requests, etc...
    Want to request something? I don't mind at all creating something to cater to a specific person's needs. However, when requesting something - please note that I definitely want to stick within the trance/hip-hop genre because I feel that's what I enjoy doing most. Every now and then I may throw something in there that has more of a rock feel with more guitar, etc, but for now, I think this is where I want to stick just to get it started.

    Anyways... Without boring you with anymore information... I'll give you the downloads. Be sure that if you decide that these little clips of songs are something that you enjoy and you want more of that you keep an eye on this thread. I'll be updating it with new songs each time I get another one created.



    Three Color Oceans //
    This song was my first attempt at actually using an orchestra sound in any of my computer generated songs. (I've got a TON of songs on my PC that I've created over the years, and not once did I ever include an orchestra sound to them.) Took me about three and a half to four hours to come up with this sucker to get the tweaks just right.
    Download Link

    Game Over //
    Game Over was inspired, of course, by the old nintendo system and the 8-bit sounds. I got as funky with it as I could to come up with something interesting, yet easy on the ears. I think I got a pretty good mixture out of everything I wanted to include in it... Fits the title perfectly.
    Download Link

    This Ain't a Love Song //
    This song I went with an absolute minimalist feel and tried to just keep everything in a basic standpoint as far as the sound goes. I had this idea jotted down in my music software for quite some time and just recently found it earlier this evening [9/3/09] and decided I wanted to redo most of the way it sounded and get it to a much cleaner sound. I set this as my girlfriend's ringtone, and it actually makes me feel pretty good when I first hear that piano start up. I hope you all enjoy this one - I think it's the one I'm most proud of.
    Download Link

    Create Your Utopia //
    This one was just me messing around and having fun with a few effects and VST instrument layovers. I think it's got a nice little sound to it, but meh, I wouldn't be surprised if this one is the one that gets the least downloads. :P
    Download Link
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    Reserved for future use - should I need the next post for anything later.
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    I like Game Over. Thanks

    can you mix something with a mario/nintendo theme?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gu12u7 View Post
    I like Game Over. Thanks

    can you mix something with a mario/nintendo theme?
    Sure, I'll start work on one of those up next.
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    [9/4/09] Added two new songs "This Ain't a Love Song" and "Create Your Utopia" to the list. Hope you enjoy them!
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