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    Hey all first id like to say thanks to the pre/central crue for this very informative and useful site. Anyway I would like to try to make my own app for the Palm Pre(now I have the time since laid off) and would appreciate any beginners info and/or website, books to start with. I am a newbie to the whole linux type stuff but I know HTML, PHP and a few others. Please if u cant say anything helpful dont say anything at all please. So many times I have posted on other site only to get bull**** back!

    Thanks All

    Have a happy day !
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    go to
    Grab the SDK and Eclipse plugin, the SDK carries some code examples and the website offers a good reference guide to build your app as well.

    There is also a Komodo plugin
    Komodo WebOS Development Blog

    Beyond that O'Reilly has published a WebOS book which you might want to check out.
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    I don't see Javascript on your list. If you don't have deep knowledge of that language I strongly suggest you dive into that first before even trying to do anything with WebOS.

    Good luck!
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    It seems to me that Palm has actually made this quite easy ... have you looked here?:

    Welcome to webOSdev - Palm

    I've been working my way through the "Hello World" tutorial, and the documentation seems pretty well done. As someone else suggested, if you don't know Javascript (or have a pretty strong programming backgruund) you'll probably need to get familiar with it.
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    I'm actually learning webos right now. I have completed Hello World and have been making simple useless apps to learn the APIs. I had a little bit of background of html and CSS, so I just had to brushup on it over at I didn't know any javascript at all so I went over to and it was an awesome tutorial that went over all the things that you need. Then I downloaded the SDK from the Palm website and the eclipse with it's plugin. I went through the Hello World tutorial and started tweaking it to test different things here and there to get my head around WebOS. I have ordered the Palm webOS developer book by Mitch Allen. You can read the first few pages at Amazon and the whole first chapter at the dev Palm website. It will go over all the APIs and looks like it will help a million. If you are tight on money and don't want to buy it I can see how you could get by with just the resources at the website but it would take twice as long.
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