I'm interested in an app that would allow the user to set a quick reminder to take place within 24 hours of setting the reminder. I know it can be done using the calender, but I am thinking more on the lines of a less involved process for simple reminders such as "conf call w/Obama at 10AM." I think it would be useful if an app was created in which you simply entered the text and alert time you wanted. Less steps involved than using calender. Also, I feel the alert/reminder that would "pop up" on screen should not be cleared unless "marked as done". Maybe have 3 options (instead of only 2 like Pre calender reminders) -

1. Snooze - make the alert tone repeat after a set snooze interval

2. Dismiss - would keep the reminder icon on screen, so it could be tapped to see the details, but the alert tone wouldn't repeat like when snoozing. Useful if you cant do the task at the set time and want to keep the icon on screen but dont want the tone to keep repeating every few mins

Say you set a reminder to alert you at 10AM that reads "pay Sprint bill." Now, 10 AM comes but your on a call or whatever. You could hit dismiss so you wouldnt have to hear the snooze alarm but the next time you grab your Pre you will see the reminder icon and open it.

3. Mark as Done - would clear/remove the reminder completely - no icon or alert tone

I dont like the fact that when interacting with calender events if you dismiss the reminder its gone, whether its been comleted or not, and if you snooze, the tone keeps playing until you dismiss which then clears it whether its been completed or not.

Anyone else interested in something like this? Maybe a developer out there will take a stab.

Sorry for the length of this post.