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    We need 5-10 testers for our closed beta of our new game Die Tweetie. If you are interested please reply with your email and we'll send you the ipk! Thanks!

    Screenshot of menu:

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    sign me up pixelwix[at]
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    you can send me an email at
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    I don't normally kill birds... but. sacherjj[at]
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    Sure why not wow servers are down anyway =P
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    Beta Closed!

    We'll be sending your ipk's shortly.

    Thanks guys.
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    If you need

    oops, just missed the cutoff I guess. No problem.
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    Currently testing this out and definitely a game you could play a lot to pass time. High scores are recorded so keeps things competitive and increases replay value. Fun stuff
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    If you need more Please sent to
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    you should also include a canadian just so you don't seem racist...

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    I am Canadian myself :P

    I will let you know if we need more testers. Perhaps in a day or two when we iron out the initial bugs.
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    If you do, Thanks!
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    I'm game (no pun intended...ok maybe)
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    Count me in

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    As am I!


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