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    I have SSHD (dropbear) running on my Palm Pre. If I don't have access to the DHCP server, what's the quickest way to determine what my Pre's IP address is?

    Also, when installing dropbear, aside from WiFi, there's an option to have it listen on EV-DO. How exactly does one access the device through that network interface?
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    The best way I know is to turn on your wifi, let it connect to a network. Then tap onto that networks name in the wifi listings and the ip address will show up
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    For the EVDO IP address, in the dialer, type ##debug# (that's ##33284#), then scroll down to "DATA SESSION CURR. IP ADDR. ...", and your EVDO IP address is right there. Swipe up to close when you're done.

    Also, I highly recommend setting up DDNS for your EVDO IP, it makes things a ton easier to never have to look up the number.

    For the wifi IP address, look in the wifi settings page like mentioned above.

    If you tell dropbear to work over EVDO, you just use the EVDO IP address or a DDNS account to connect over putty from anywhere. The Sprint-assigned EVDO IP address is public, you can get to it from any internet-connected computer.

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