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    So a universal was just released that has IR and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to control your various devices and the PS3 (which has no IR support, but does have Bluetooth).

    Is the Bluetooth range on the Pre strong enough to reach a TV 10 feet away? If so, a PS3 remote app would be nice.
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    Im in for this!
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    That would be nice!
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    I'm def down!
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    The bluetooth connection you have on the phone is currently ONLY set to accept headsets. I'm pretty sure Palm is going to open that up quite a bit and eventually we should be able to connect and control to more bluetooth devices, but for the time being it's a no-go.
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    Good idea!
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    Cool idea but maybe in the future it will be available.
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    the blue-tooth prob has the range,

    and haven't people enabled the blue-tooth to do file transfers for tethering?

    This would be a convenient feature, that i don't see happening any time soon..
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    as anyone working on this? I would deffinatly donate!!
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    Why can't somehow hack the bluetooth to allow for this, if they can do mytether, why not that with bluetooth?

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